Thursday 2 July 2009

Guest Blogger: Sabrina Mahfouz

The Lady with the Amazing Breasts

My boyfriend left me the other day
before he left there were a few things he felt he had to say
He wasn't leaving cos he felt stressed, it wasn't that he didn't like the way that I dressed, it certainly wasn't even that he didn't like what we did in bed...

it was because he had met the lady with the amazing breasts.

Beach brown and round as a pound coin; firm as his dick
as he reached out to touch and she gave him a kicking;
nipples that crippled all feeling in his crotch
and were as dusky pink as his blush

as he began to think about the lady with the amazing breasts.

As he carried on and on I looked down at my own which hadn't grown
since me and Melissa watched Grease in 1993
and held 'I must improve my bust they will get bigger still' Olympic heats
in the heat of a summer house

which would never play host to the lady with the amazing breasts.

Two bags of fat, I always said, who really wants that
hanging heavy off them, banging, bumping
diverting eye-to-eye contact, inviting 'oh what a nice... necklace chat'
I used to say no thanks, not me, I'm happy being able to see my feet.

But I do wonder about the lady with the amazing breasts.

I wonder what she looks like in the mirror as she takes off her clothes
I wonder if she can sleep on her front when she goes to bed
I wonder if she's really aware of what she does to some men's heads
I wonder what it feels like to press a hand, can I quickly squeeze please?

I wonder if, after all, she thinks she's the lady with the amazing breasts.

Sabrina is a performance poet, freelance journalist and currently the Entertainment Editor for Chic Today. You can see her perform on Monday July 6th at Dick's Bar in Soho for Burlesque Against Breast Cancer at The Book Club Boutique. She has a Myspace.

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