Tuesday 14 July 2009

Guest Blogger: Ruby Fortune

The Dressing Room

A ladies dressing room is her palace, where transformations take place. It holds a mystique. A glamour, a sensual power. The routine of dressing carries its own pleasures, dress up for grown ups.

Satin robe descends to the floor as smooth pale skin is dusted softly with sweet smelling powders. Delicate puffs leave limbs and stomach glistening. A drawer is opened in a grand mahogany cabinet. Inside its treasure boasts the finest lace and satins. Its colours of gold and jewels are inspected with glee and admiration before a fine set of Parisian lingerie is prized from its nesting place. Smoothness encapsulates, caressing breasts and womanhood and sending spirits soaring. A glance in the mirror. A knowing smile.

Manicured hands move to the next drawer to reveal its delights, a fine pair of silk seamed stockings. Each is first slipped gently over perfectly painted, red toenails, before smoothly sliding up a shapely calf and porcelain thigh. Delight comes with each stroke of their fragile fabric against equally perfect skin. Seams are straightened as suspenders snap, enforcing their grip and holding secure until ordered to send each stocking floating to the ground.

Next comes the favourite part. A velvet corset is lifted from its gleaming box. It is admired at arms length, its glorious shape and soft fabric wrapped around strong whalebone. With anticipation, it is held to the body. Marshmallow stomach eager to be encased in its firm embrace. Each pull of the lacing sends another thrill racing through the body. The discipline, the strength of it, reducing the waist to graceful, waspish proportions. Body gasps for breath with exhilaration making breasts heave and fall.

She admires herself for a moment, beautiful figure wrapped in luxurious fabrics, presented perfectly. As she pulls on her fitted dress, the split up the back provocatively moves to flash a perfectly placed stocking top, a tease to those who see her. A glimpse of what they desire but may never know. Each small foot into a daringly high, pencil thin stiletto which clasps tight to her. Each step throws hips from side to side, a hypnotic sway.

With a final spritz of evocative perfume, the transformation is almost complete. A final slick of red lipstick to soft, full lips promising warm kisses and deep pleasures.

A door opens and closes and a dressing room is left alone with simply the scent of a glorious woman.

Miss Ruby Fortune first stepped on the stage in 2005 with burlesque troupe Lady Luck's Burlesque Beauties. The troupe sadly split after a successful run of shows but Ruby went on to a solo career shimmying her way around the world with comedy, dance and music.

As well as live work Ruby has featured in 2 documentaries one of which was used by ITV and to celebrate the Capital of Culture in Liverpool. Ruby was one of 10 figures selected as important to the cities arts and alternative culture. She has also featured in the press including the cover of Total Tattoo and on BBC Radio discussing the rise of burlesque. You can find her at: www.myspace.com/miss_fortuneburlesque

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