Saturday 25 July 2009

Guest Blogger: Capella Silverangel


My boobylicious boobs
Are a source of inspiration to blokes
I’ve heard their silly jokes
And puns
About my soft round buns
Cherry nippled on top
Just missing the icing
But you’d never guess
From the size of the areoles
Which mimic warm melted chocolate sauce.
Ouch don’t bite that hurts you horse!!!

Some guys just stand and stare
As I walk by them down the street
One guy once pursued me through
Istegade – (prostitution avenue in Copenhagen)
Wanting me to do what exactly?
I don’t know
But I dodged him and ran into 7’11
I roll my eyes aghast
And exhale with exasperated breath
Oh breasts,
Do you need to cause so much

It’s cold
You’ve guest,
The cherry topped bits
Stick further out of my chest!!

Some guys get kind of rude
And ask
“You don’t have a boyfriend
With those boobs
How is that possible???”

Others describe and define me by them
Capella…. they say
In that man gossipy way
“The one with the great smile,”
“Funny, boisterous,”
“The one with the big tits?”

Yes, that’s me.
With my curves
And bumps and mountaintops
That always make car drivers stop
And turn and look and beep.
Ahhh, when I left heaven
I knew I should have picked that
Cane (stick thing) for the sheep
And been a Bo Peep
Instead of asking for boobs
That can’t fit in a boob tube
That make a man lewd

But I love them (now)
My boobylicious boobs.

Double D (Part I)

Men have been programmed
These days before birth
Faintly hearing from a midwife or nurse
Through the wall of the womb
Breast is best
Breast is best
Breast is best
Which like Chinese whispers turns into
Double D chest
Double D chest
Katie Price, Jordan
Double D breast

Capella Silverangel is a singer/songwriter, artist and poet. You can find her at:

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