Wednesday 15 July 2009

Guest Blogger: Kirsty Allison

Tits Are Great

Wah Tit, Wah Tit, Wah Tit
I’m a baby just born and I want it
Mummy milk, booby feed
I dream to suck bouncy breasts,
Oh, I just wee-ed.

Gah Tit, Gah Tit, Gah Tit
I’m two years old and I luhve it
Bubbling bountiful dewy heaps
Drip feed me mummy! Oi, stunner! No?!
Weeping sag bags, I can’t let go, stitch up the bloody milky bites rinsed flow

Woar Tit, Woar Tit, Woar Tit
When I grow up I’ll be big like Barbie - fit
What? Is this a cock between my legs?
A spot before my eye, I, I, I, I love breasts,
Wow, milk down there, not eggs?

Phwoar Tit, Phwoar Tit, Phwoar Tit,
I’m a teenage boy obsessed with girls bits
My hands are in my trousers, 24 hours a day
I’m a spunk making machine, I think my mum’s got x-ray

Dewy tit, Dewy tit, Dewy tit
Flashback neon rays of birth shoot as young girls permit me to spit,
To lick their chrysalis nipples, like jelly in a silken scarf,
Afronted, ahoy, pirated I am, by sexual dominating zeppelin ships,
Their precipice of slutdom thirst, first class, first, class first

I want Tits, I want Tits, I want Tits,
Every night since I was born I’ve dreamt of mitts on starlit teats
Waifs to chafes, I will adore, Tug those bra straps, amour, more, more, more
Breaking records for my orienteering of mounds, quests obsessed for perfect speciwomans sound,
A knife will sell me the cleavage soft, the solution is surgery, I get the lot, purrr, purr, purr,

Hurt Tit, Hurt Tit, Hurt Tit,
Silicone Everests inside my pecks bleed and beat,
I did it, I’m a half-op sextaur, best parts of men and chick,
Dick with Cleopatra sphinx rack, married to myself, a wife for life
My chest sits pert and hung, sorry mum for what I’ve done

Feel my Tit, Feel my Tit, Feel my Tit
Grope it, Tug it, Worship it,
I’ll play with yours if you pay for mine.
Slap my perfect sugar lumps, I’ve never earned a dime beyond my breasts
Everything I own is thanks to my ambitiously aware lovely lady chest.

Middle aged tit, Middle aged tit, Middle aged tit
Suck it, lick it, wobble, jump it
Eh, don’t you want to strap up this brainless pair
Of paid for accessories that used to get in anywhere
Underneath disease lurks, leather mask, karmic rot, for what?

Boozy tit, boozy tit, boozy tit
Floppy, blobby mammaries, nipples chewed wine stain red,
Chew these fatty funny mother lumps, you sick twisted harlot chemo drunk
Go on take my youth, my despair.
Rape me like I ever cared.

Dying tit, dying tit, dying tit
Forgetting to rub, the devil crossed my Mount Si-nais
Realised the sin had got inside
A cancer thumps this pumped up rack, disaster sacks
Happy I never got fully woman made, my false titties are buried alive, alive

OAP Tit, OAP Tit, OAP Tit
I’m an ancient lesbian loving demented freak man again, still a hit
With my cock still intact, I’m back, to being the full diamond in the rough, just a man who begs to feel, who wants to steal, a look, a sacred secret touch of heaven mounds on earth,
Whatever the size or girth
Tits, tits, tits, tits, tits, glorious dreamy whipped cream heaps of love.

You can find more of this on Kirsty's website.

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