Thursday 11 June 2009

Guest Blogger: Sienna Lewis

Got Spanked

My devious friends gave my name to the heavily made-up compere at the cabaret, and he dragged me up on stage.

"So I hear you are here with your friends tonight... What's your name, honey?" he asks, taking in my dress stained from a spilt Martini which couldn't stand the vigorousness of my dirty dancing with a gay friend earlier, and my mouth smeared from kissing BBB up against the wall.

"Sienna", I breathe into the mike, blinking in the spotlight.

"Sienna... how old are you?" asks the compere in a mischievous voice.

"Um, Fifteen", I lie and take a sip from my iced drink.

"OK, fifteen... that means you'll get fifteen spanks! Do you have a special friend here with you tonight?" I point at BBB who my friends are eagerly shoving forward. I have to step off the stage and onto the dance floor whilst the compere hands him a leather paddle.

"Bend over!" he commands me, and I do, worried someone will lift my dress and reveal the flesh-coloured knickers I picked because any other colour showed up beneath the gossamer dress I am wearing. I bend, hands on my knees, trying to smile flirtily whilst BBB goes to work with the paddle.

"One!" roars the crowd, "two, three, four..."

I encourage BBB to go harder as I barely feel a thing. At number 10 or so, Gay Friend abandons his martini and snatches the paddle off him. I squeak and squeal away from his blows which are promising to be vicious. Someone holds my wrist and a few more well-placed blows are delivered to my bottom.

"Fifteen" - I am so glad I lied about my age!

Applause roars and I escape into BBB's arms and down the rest of my drink. I adore him for being a sissy about spanking me in public, and I whisper in his ear that he could have gone harder but I'd prefer him to do that in private. I still have a cat-o-nine tails somewhere I bought for a party once and never used. His eyes light up and he nuzzles my neck, smearing my lipstick everywhere.

The male burlesque stripper comes on again dressed as the devil, and a girl with hula hoops. I take the next break as an opportunity to sort myself out in the loos.

"Look at your lipstick" says one girl in the queue, and it is indeed up to my eyebrows, making me look like a clownish doll in a chiffon dress.

"Yeah it's bad, but you should see his dick" I reply, "it's even worse!"

The whole queue collapses in laughter.

Sienna Lewis is the author of the new book, 'The Intimate Adventures of an Office Girl', out now in paperback. You can follow her further adventures over at

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