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Our Book

In September, our second book 'Ultimate Decadence' hits the shops but before that, we should tell you about our first book, released last September by those lovely folk at Xcite Books.
Ultimate Burlesque was created to raise money for Macmillan who provide practical, medical, emotional and financial support for people with cancer, and push for better cancer care. Edited by Alyson Fixter and Emily Dubberley, and produced in association with Xcite Books, it’s an anthology of erotic short stories with a burlesque twist introduced by Chris Manby and featuring writers including Katie Fforde, Jo Rees, Olivia Darling, Nikki Magennis, Maxim Jakubowski, Kristina Lloyd and Lauren Wissot.
About the Authors
Alcamia was an award-winning child essayist who started writing seriously in her teens within a number of genres. Over the past 10 years she has been devoted to her favourite genre, erotica. She has written copious short stories and novellas and is working on two cross-genre novels that marry erotica with psychology, the paranormal and supernatural.
Carmen Ali is a freelance writer and performs burlesque under the name ‘Miss Aurelia Dare’. Carmen writes poetry, stories and articles and has been published by Leaf Books and Scarlet.
Richard Bardsley’s first collection of short stories, Body Parts: The Anatomy of Love, was recently published by Salt and longlisted for the 2008 Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award. Richard’s next project is a satirical novel, currently entitled This Is How I Will Destroy You, mainly because he likes how it sounds.
Sarah Berry is staff writer for Penthouse Forum and Desire magazines and makes the occasional appearance in Scarlet. She’s also a reluctant burlesque dancer: after training at the London School of Striptease, she now dons a habit and whip to save the souls of her audiences.
Daphne Bing is the pseudonym of a writer whose erotic fiction has until now only been available on the internet, although under other names she is a published author and occasional journalist. In her spare time she has run multi-million pound projects and dated inappropriate men.
Elizabeth Black’s erotic fiction has been published by Excessica, Scarlet, Tit-Elation, For The Girls and Xodtica. She also writes for sex toy companies and works for a website devoted to former porn star Traci Lords. She lives with her husband and five cats a few blocks from the Atlantic Ocean.
Katie Crawley takes her name from a beloved family pet who also spent most of her time on her back. She has been published in Scarlet and works in politics, hence the pseudonym.
Portia Da Costa is author of more than 20 novels and almost 100 shorter fiction items. Her recent titles include Gothic Heat, In Too Deep and a paranormal novella, Ill Met By Moonlight. Discover more about Portia’s books at and more about her at
Olivia Darling is the author of Vintage, a racy novel set in the world of winemaking, featuring lust, murder and lots of champagne. She is closely related to Chris Manby.
Emily Dubberley founded and was founding editor of Scarlet magazine. She script-writes for the Lovers’ Guide, writes for magazines including Look, More, Elle and Glamour, and has been syndicated worldwide. She’s written 17 books, and created Burlesque Against Breast Cancer with her partner Sam Eddison and a team of incredible volunteers to whom she is eternally grateful.
Aimee DeLong’s writing has appeared in such places as Hotel St George Press, Cherry Bleeds and Lit Chaos. Check out her website at
Jeremy Edwards’ greatest goal in life is to be sexy and witty at the same moment – ideally in lighting that flatters his profile. Drop in on him unannounced (and thereby catch him in his underwear) at
Mark Farley spends far too much time obsessing about the book trade and celebrities. He has contributed to Scarlet magazine, The Idler and other books from Xcite. He has a cat and a girlfriend and lives in London.
Alyson Fixter is a freelance journalist and writer. She has been editing Cliterature, Scarlet’s free erotic fiction magazine, for two years, but still can’t get over the fact she gets paid to read porn all day. She was approached to be co-editor of Ultimate Burlesque and used her contacts to help collect some of the world’s best erotica writers together in one anthology.
Katie Fforde lives in Gloucestershire with her husband and some of her three children. She is the author of fourteen novels and is working on her fifthteenth which will probably be called Book Fifteen as she can't think of a title for it. It took her a long time to become published as she foolishly thought writing for Mills and Boon would be easier than for the mainstream market. However, she learnt so much about her craft through trying she doesn't consider those years as a waste of time. And nor is playing Spider Patience on the computer...
Mat Fraser is a disabled actor, writer and cabaret performer, who is known for his irreverent disability comedy. Having just finished his third play, his contribution to this book was inspired by an unforgettable night in New York’s infamous Slipper Room burlesque bar.
Maxim Jakubowski has written or edited over 100 books (novels, story collections and anthologies). He is best known for the Mammoth Erotica series. His last novel was Confessions of a Romantic Pornographer and the next one, if the gods of Eros permit, will be I Was Waiting For You. He lives in London.
Siobhan Kelly is a journalist and author who’s written four short story collections, two novellas for Ann Summers’ erotic fiction imprint and six non-fiction guides to sex and relationships. Currently suffering from RSI, she dictated most of her contribution to Ultimate Burlesque using voice recognition software, much to the delight of the builders working on her neighbour’s loft conversion.
Chris Manby is the author of thirteen bestselling romantic comedy novels including Running Away From Richard and Spa Wars. She lives in London. Nikki Magennis is a Scottish author of erotica and erotic romance who writes for Cleis Press, Virgin Black Lace and others. Find out more at
MonMouth is a part-time blogger and full-time pervert. His blog can be found at He welcomes email at
Kristina Lloyd is the author of three best-selling erotic novels, including the controversial Asking for Trouble, a dark psychosexual thriller set in Brighton, where she lives. She has been described as a ‘fresh literary talent’ who ‘writes sex with a formidable force’.
Carmel Lockyer writes and edits erotic fiction. She used to be a model and spent three years as an agony aunt for nudists.
Elizabeth K Payne is an erotica writer based in London. Her short stories have appeared in the award-winning Agent Provocateur anthology Secrets: A Collection of Erotic Fiction and in Dark Desires: A Collection of Erotic Short Stories.
Marcelle Perks is a journalist and the author of Incredible Orgasms, The User’s Guide to the Rabbit and Secrets of Porn Star Sex. Her fiction covers all the most important aspects of life: love, sex and death.
Jo Rees had her first novel, It Could Be You, published in 1997 under her other pen name, Josie Lloyd. She then met Emlyn Rees, and together they wrote seven internationally-acclaimed books. Recently Jo has started writing contemporary racy bonkbusters. Platinum was published in hardback in May 2008 by Bantam Press and will be published in paperback in May 2009.
Christiana Spens is the author of the novel The Wrecking Ball (published May 2008) and her second book, The Socialite Manifesto, will be published in February 2009. She has written for Studio International, Rockfeedback, Notion and Scarlet and is at Cambridge University. She’s 21 and loves dancing, men and music.
Donna George Storey’s erotic fiction has appeared in more than 80 journals and anthologies. Her first novel, Amorous Woman, a semi-autobiographical tale of an American’s steamy love affair with Japan, was published by Orion/Neon. Read more of her work at
Wanda Von Mittens was born several decades later than intended, but makes up for it by being first at all the best parties. Convinced of the superiority of the female sex she spends her time trying to convince other women of the same. She takes her pen to paper to write shopping lists, schemes for female world domination and the odd short story. For more information see
Alison Tyler’s short stories have appeared in more than 80 anthologies including Rubber Sex, Dirty Girls, and Sex for America. She is the author of more than 25 erotic novels, most recently Melt With You, and the editor of more than 45 explicit anthologies, including J Is for Jealousy, Naughty Fairy Tales from A to Z, and Naked Erotica. Visit for more information or if you want to be her friend.
Lauren Wissot is a gay boy born into female form. Currently working as a critic and columnist, Lauren is also an award-winning filmmaker bent on bringing an S&M flavor to the big screen. Under My Master’s Wings, a sexual memoir about her time spent as the slave to a gay-for-pay stripper, is available from Nexus Books. For more information see
Claire Wordley started erotic fiction writing when at university after a night earning drinks by telling raunchy stories, and has had several stories in Scarlet magazine so far. She is currently studying for her Masters in Zoology.

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