Thursday 11 June 2009

Guest Blogger: Chris Manby

Thank you for buying 'Ultimate Burlesque'. You're clearly a person of great taste! This delicious little book of erotic stories is part of a wider initiative called Burlesque Against Breast Cancer, wich was created to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Burlesque, like it's cousin 'commedia dell'arte', is a style of entertainment renowned for it's wit and saucy edge. Originating in the Victorian era, it encompasses comedy, music and of course, the striptease. Its recent revival has given a much-needed shot of glamour to then world's stages and reminded us with its new stars that sexy women come in all shapes and sizes. That's what makes burlesque the perfect way to help support the fight against breast cancer.
I lost my cousin Clare to breast cancer when she was just thirty five. In our conversations as she neared the end of her brave fight, she reminded me how important it is to enjoy life to it's fullest. 'Don't worry about having an extra inch on your bottom. Just stick on your high heels and wiggle it!"

That's why I jumped at the chance to be involved with Burlesque Against Breast Breast Cancer. In buying this book, you're showing support for a fantastic bunch of people doing a very difficult but worthwhile job. Macmillan provide practical, medical, emotional and financial support as well as pushing for better cancer care. So enjoy the warm glow that comes from knowing you're helping them achieve all that.

For another sort of glow, maybe you could act out some of the stories...!

Chris Manby is the best-selling author of many books including 'Crazy in Love', which is released in paperback next month.

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