Sunday 4 October 2009

Bea DeVile: What performing for BABC means to me.

As I write this, I'm looking at a photo of my mum and her two sisters that I took at a family wedding earlier this year.

One of these women has had treatment for breast cancer, including a mastectomy. She has had a five year course of Tamoxifen, which is the maximum length of time it can be prescribed for, and since that ended she has found that the cancer has metastasised to the bones in both hips. The secondary bone cancer is treated by gruelling radiotherapy and then transfusions to strengthen the bone, but it doesn't reduce the pain.

Very few people even know that she has had treatment for breast cancer, and fewer still know how much pain she is now in most of the time.

A mother of four and a grandmother of five - she is the quietest, most unassuming, and bravest person I know.

Bea DeVile will be performing at Burlesque Against Breast Cancer at the Ocean Rooms in Brighton on October 16th. For more info, go to:

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